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Craig fell in love with health food products at a young age, when his tree hugging mom started making her own shampoo in the kitchen. She instilled her values of being able to identify the ingredient from not only what you put into your body, but onto your body.

Today Craig tries to balance his love for the environment, his health, and product performance. Sometimes this is easier said then done, and you’ll get a chance to peer into his occasionally crazy but always entertaining missions, via his blog posts.



Marc is the ultimate success story for natural cosmetics – always the first to look for a good deal above all, he suffered through many a Canadian winter with too dry, then too oily skin. While staying at a friend’s for a weekend, he asked to try a shea butter based natural product…and as if the moisturizing gods themselves nodded in approval, he was a convert. ​

By no means far from his frugal roots, Marc is still a fan of a good deal – just a good deal that’s good for him.


Marie is passionate about anything that revolves around beauty care. From makeup to skincare, she is constantly searching and trying new products that will surprise her. But today, she hopes to become more conscious about the products she uses and has decided to shift towards using more natural products. For her, a healthy skin is important and she knows that the products we use are the basis for great looking skin.

Although she is new to using natural products, her goal is to invite you on this journey of discovering what’s good and what’s not. She’ll put products to the test for you so you don’t have to!

Photo Craig : Ryan Johnson / CC

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