We couldn’t find what we were looking for – so we created it.


It took a few too many bad experiences from all of us to confirm that there was something missing in this new and evolving market. We were simply looking for an online store, which provided both a wide selection of natural and organic products as well as a reliable source of information.

When we fell short, it was clear that there was a great need for change.
As the natural market continues to flourish consumers are left confused about how to transfer their purchasing habits onto more natural choices. Most people do not know where to start; where to shop, who to trust and what to buy.

For us, it was enough motivation to launch the Shop Natural platform. Not only do we want to provide an enjoyable shopping environment, but we want to you trust what you buy. There are too many websites out there that try to ride this wave by natural-labeled products that are actually filled with chemicals and get away with it.

But not anymore, Shop Natural is finally here.


All of our products are natural, but we went a step further to make it easier on you. Each product is tagged with it’s specific categories.

Non-GMO products
Products that do not contain any genetically modified organisms.
Products that do not contain any paraben – a chemical used to prolongue a product’s shelf-life.
Products that are 100% organic – all natural, no chemicals.
Products that do not contain any gluten.
Products that have not been tested on animals.
Products that are relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.



Do you find yourself doubting information given by online natural stores? That is why we decided to take the matter into our own hands and want to become a source of information about organic and natural beauty care. Becoming a Shop Natural customer means knowing what is in your products and what you are buying and using. There is no asterisk or footnote – if it’s not natural, it’s not here.


Do you ever find that your natural products are not as effective? Being in the industry for many years, our team strives to keep up with the latest developments and products available. If there is a new product out there, we want to test it and let you know what we think.


Using natural products is not for everyone, but for those who do, it’s a lifestyle. That’s why we want to offer you an all-natural shopping environment. We want you to learn and even share your experiences with natural products. We believe that our skin deserves the best and what is better than au natural?

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